Sunday, November 17, 2013

Only in Kuwait...

Flags line the roads and signs are up to welcome leaders of African and Arabian countries for the upcoming summit. A last minute decision by the Prime Minister was made to close schools this coming Tuesday to ease congestion on the roads. Great! Another day off...we teachers don't have enough!!!  
I made a sarcastic comment about the country and the number of holidays on my Facebook, asking where else in the world could be like this. The responses and comments came rolling in; days off in China due to pollution, rain days in Oman, visits from Bush in Dubai and Obama in Brunei ( even though he was a no-show)...and I lived in Uganda when due to election riots schools closed,so ok...Kuwait is not alone in announcing days off here, there and everywhere...
Then it should be no surprise that if this storm that is forecasted to hit in the next few days does actually arrive that the schools will close...again.

It will be an interesting few days.

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