Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Three beautiful things from my day:

  • Our team dressed up in pink for the netball tournament in aid of Breast Cancer awareness; lipstick, socks, tutus and a pink Afro. Our efforts were awarded with cheers...and a wooden spoon!
  • "Do you want to do brunch, or just sit by the pool with cocktails?" My friend and I have booked flights to Bahrain for the weekend! It won't be the same now that Jane and Sven have left and the running gang aren't together-but it will be fun and reckless all the same!
  • "Your phone call really cheered up Dad," messaged Mum. My dad has shingles. He is NEVER sick. I knew he wasn't well when he offered to pay for half the fare if I flew home to Scotland (from Kuwait) for the weekend!! Ha! (Love you!)

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