Friday, August 23, 2013


Currently reading-The Favourite Game by Leonard Cohen. (No jokes about having razor blades nearby.) This was the first fiction I've read by the poet, and although it is taking me a while to read, his words are beautiful...and I will stop giving my dad a hard time for being his biggest fan!
I recently finished this by Maria Semple. I picked it up cheap in the supermarket. It was witty and different and I loved Bernadette, the main female character.
I haven't read much else in the past couple of weeks, but I was engrossed by this book which I started on my way to Canada and finished before I landed. (That also tells you a lot about the entertainment system on Air Canada flights!) It is so much more than a parenting book! I left it with my friend Kirsten, so that we can talk about it when we run together soon. I didn't take my kindle with me to my friend's cabin, so read a book on their shelf; this. I've never read a Ken Follet book, but really enjoyed this thriller...although I did keep thinking the stabbings were being done with a shoe-who knew a stiletto is also a knife!!

Currently packing for-my return to Kuwait and work..well, I've dusted off my suitcase...that is a start! The holidays are nearly over. That is all I have to say about that.

Currently training for-Munich half marathon. I signed up for the October (full) marathon after returning from Seville, purely because it is on my October holidays. When I return to Kuwait it will be 47 degrees Celsius...I'm not motivated for the long runs in the heat, so I am going to stick with the shorter distances and transfer my registration from the full to the half.

Currently watching- Celebrity Masterchef. I don't watch much TV, partly because summer television is full of repeats (on our 5 channels), but I like cookery shows...and it happens to be on at 'let's slouch on the sofa' time.

Currently looking forward to-going to the Nick Nairn cookery school on Saturday for a day long shellfish cookery course. So excited!

Currently thinking about- my next holiday...even though I haven't started work yet! I'm not wishing my life away, or dreading work, just thinking happy thoughts.

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  1. I finished Bernadette this week and loved it - such a fun quirky book, and not too long either. Hope you had a wonderful summer! Love the (new to me) song - just Shazam-ed it. Thx!

    1. It has been a great summer- thank you!
      Yes, love that song- my friend in Canada had it on in her car, so it reminds me of being on the island.

  2. I actually like Ken Follet and am reading his book Jackdaws right now. He has a way of telling you a little bit about history while still making it an interesting story. It's a pretty easy beach or vacation read, that's for sure (or for me right now, a "commute" read)!

    1. Although I heard such mixed things about his recent books, I would read ken Follet again- as you said a beach read...or my working week read when I'm too tired for more


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