Monday, July 29, 2013

A postcard from BC, Canada.

Having an amazing time in BC. The weather has been fantastic since I arrived. I loved exploring Vancouver Island with my friend Heather- saw bears galore, bear cubs, a whale, seals, sea lions and caught my first salmon (I threw it back after a photo!)- a truly Canadian experience. My friends, Kari and Ed, got married and we celebrated for 3 days on a beautiful  acreage. I'm so pleased I was able to be there with them.
I'm now in Vancouver and making the most of my last week in Canada.
Wish you were here!
Lots of love
Robyn xx


  1. That photo is beautiful and makes me want to be out on the water just like that!

  2. It was amazing- I want to be back there!

  3. You saw a BEAR?! I am so jealous! We didn’t see any bears! Then again we didn’t actually go to Vancouver Island so that was probably our mistake…next time next time, my boyfriend is hellbent on moving there after I’m finished college!

    1. I loved Vancouver Island- I saw bears at least once a day! I like your boyfriend's idea! I can also see myself there.


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