Wednesday, May 8, 2013


There are 9 classes in our year group. That is not a typo,9. There are more children in this one year group than in the entire school that I taught in in Kenya.

The staff in the year group are all pretty different,but we have one thing in common,we pretty much hate Wednesdays.

From when the bell goes at 7.26am (I actually just found out our official starting time by looking in a pupil's planner...that pretty much says it all about the place I work in)we are with our class until 2.45pm,with 35 minutes for Arabic. We have snack duty,so eat with our class and then we all, let's be honest, (pupils and teachers) pretty much are sick of the sight of each other by the end of the day.

It is always a day that the tell-tales are vocal and most annoying.
"Ahmed said I was a giraffe boy"(or insert any other word, even if it doesn't make sense).
Me-(In my head-What the hell is that..!?)
"Well,are you? No."(or some other useless words of wisdom.It is Wednesday after all!)

Any child-"Faisal said the 's' word!"
Me-"Faisal,what exactly did you say?"
Child-"I told Kareem to shut up"
(In my head..oh fuck..I hate Wednesdays.)

Today,of all days, I was baking biscuits with my class (not for fun,there are maths and topic links there...). Such light relief it was, the 5 minutes of quiet time at the end, eating the biscuits, made it all worth while!

Wednesdays end with ICT. 26 laptops in one classroom with 7 year olds. Imagine the fun!  Usually we play the game of who can go the longest without asking me a question. Ahmed always loses.

As the gates open and the parents flood in to collect their little people,there is one Year 2 teacher sitting on a bench while the other eight are high fiving each other,  thankful that at least we don't have Mr.Sean's class!!

Tomorrow is Thursday. The last day of our working week. Hooray!

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