Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Currently watching-  Homeland. Well that is not quite true, as I have just finished the first series this evening and I don't have the next one...will hunt around. I enjoyed it. I didn't think it was AMAAAZZING, as I think my expectations were too high but it really was very good. I watched more films on my flight to and from Seville than I have watched all year. If you have not yet seen The Impossible do it this weekend! THAT is amazing!
Currently reading- The Worst Date Ever by Jane Bussmann. I had seen this book in the bookshops in Uganda and was always tempted, this copy was passed on to me from a friend. It is perfect for me at the moment. Totally light hearted and easy to read...and still keeping to my ongoing Africa theme!

Currently listening to- I do like a little bit of Ellie Goulding to bop around to in my flat...I'm loving this slower paced one too.

Currently training for- NOTHING...that is the problem. I have signed up for a half marathon in August and I am looking to do my next marathon in October…but I need something else to work towards. At the moment I am motivated to lose a bit of weight as I am trying to get faster; so shorter runs and some intervals. Ali at Running with Spatulas is hosting a virtual 30km race (as well as a 10km and a 5km)- I am going to sign up for that to keep me going! Why don't you?
Currently excited about- Adventurous-not-reckless weekends away before the summer. A couple in the pipeline and lots of ideas flowing around.

Currently thinking about- buying a bike. My running buddy Kirsten and I have been thinking about cycling to school for some time. I am not a cyclist at all and keep giving myself away by saying 'biker' to my Ironman friend..! The last time I cycled was on a tour of vineyards in Tuscany with TT, (soooooo not as romantic as it sounds....) where I spent a LOT of time falling off bikes...even before I had a sniff of the wine.  Anyhow, I am totally excited about giving it a go and working towards a triathlon.


  1. Just found your blog, so excited to read about your life in Africa and beyond! So great!! Will roam through your old posts just now!
    Kristina x

  2. Homeland is a great show! Showtime launched it the same time as Dexter, and I found myself looking forward to Homeland more than the long time fave of Dexter. Perhaps its just my love for Claire Daines and her ugly face cry?

    Season 2 is great as well!

    Its so nice of you to offer to send me that mug!! I can totally reimburse you! I think its the Artsy part of me that's just loving the graphics on those things! I posted a photo of the San Diego one on that post, I would be totally down to trade city mugs if you'd rather do that. Let me know.

  3. Wow! Good luck in training for the half! You can do it! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

  4. Danielle- I had heard about Claire Danes and the crying scenes before I started...but they are pretty epic! Season 2 is next. next I haven't watched a thing this week and its been a nice break! My email is

  5. Brewed together (sweet name) I haven't done much running since my marathon in Feb...I can't see me doing the 30km after all...


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