Sunday, January 20, 2013

Running news and other stuff

This week, more than most, I feel my life is somewhere between Miranda Hart's and Lady Edith Crawley (minus the castle).

So...I have been trying to stay away from all things delicious (well, not really!), like my homemade salted caramel sauce, brownies and basically anything with salt. I do this because I realise I will not get a medal for being the quickest woman ever to eat a bag of Doritos. I will only get a medal if I CROSS THAT FINISH LINE on Friday.

Can you tell I am a bit worked-up about the race!?

Just a tad.

I'm going to let you into a secret,(...purely as it is the easiest way to break the news to my mum...)
I can't find my Garmin watch. It was last seen on the day I flew to Amsterdam. So, I might not have a watch for my first marathon. Shocking and wrong.

The day before my race I will be trying to hunt down a replacement - just to add some drama to my life. (I do realise that this is not the worst thing that could happen this week to me. The worst would be getting bitten by a dog, or me forgetting my Vaseline, or my running buddy breaking an ankle...then it is OVER!)

Good vibes please. I'm going for a PB!

PS- If it is not too late, run out and buy the January issue of Tatler for the Miranda Hart interview. It is worth every penny of the £4.10. Thank me in your dairy!

Oh-and just because...


  1. I definitely don't need something else to get addicted to I just watched 6 seasons of gossip girl in less than a month ;) but I love this miranda girl!!!!

    and caramel salted sauce?!?!?!??! recipe!!!!

  2. Ali-I will put that recipe up actually-as it makes life much better...soo it will be my good deed for the month! I'll come over and tell you about the race!

  3. hahah i WISH there were medals for eating Dorritos. Oh what a wonderful world that would be ;) good luck at this race!!

    xo Marlen
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  4. Marlen - I know....! would then have lots! Thanks for the luck..need it!

  5. Okay you posted this a week ago which means you did your race yesterday. Which means we need an update!!!!!!


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