Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back with a Bang!

The holidays are over!
I am back in Uganda to continue my African Adventures for a wee while longer.
As always, I found leaving bonnie Scotland hard. My holiday at home was jam packed with fun and laughter. Stories were shared and lots of wine was had. (I joke to my friend that one particular story 'fed' me round Scotland).Tears were also shed- but only good ones, filled with love.
Friends and family that I met up with all want to know if I am happy, if I enjoy Uganda and curiously ask ..what makes it so special???
Well...I have been back just over a week and I have already; caught up with friends over tea and vodka, manged 3 runs looking out to Lake Victoria, been on a staff bonding over-night(where we played in the sunshine and gossiped into the night), been forced to go to the gym, played tennis, planned numerous camping weekends and activities...and started teaching Y4.
I have no time NOT to enjoy Uganda!!
I was supposed to be playing frisbee today, but rain stopped play-I now have some time to sit still, reflect and breathe!