Monday, May 10, 2010

Yoga Zen

Wednesday is my hump-day. By Wednesday I have lost patience with my class, I have started to raise my voice and usually forget to smile! Thankfully, I have yoga on a Wednesday evening, this somehow transforms me into a better person...for 2 hours or so…and I am left refreshed to finish the week smiling…it usually lasts till Friday night when it is time to open the wine!

I choose to battle against potholes (craters better explain their size!) and traffic every Wednesday, making my way across the other end of town, but after each session I am thankful I made the journey! My yoga class is amazing; the teachers are very special and the space is beautiful…on a hill over-looking the city. We yogis are made to work hard and we sweat buckets, but as soon as the words, ‘aannd, prepare for Shavasana’ are said- my body (which is usual still shaking from hard-work) happily takes on the ‘corpse pose’ and I make a contented sigh! Our reward for making it through the week, traffic, yoga session; is a little rest with eye cushions on…where I either fall asleep or start dreaming about my dinner…!On a very good day we get a foot massage!

This Wednesday was no different. My friends and I left the class counting our blessings. We were happily munching on our delicious post-yoga workout meal…yummy Indian food and discussing our new book club novel, ‘Shantaram’, when…"ops I left my wallet in my big beast of a 4x4 locked car. Oh no, I can’t find it! Oh phew, I’ve got it. Oh no-the wallet is absolutely empty and my phone is missing!” And then the realisation of what had happened! Dang and blast!

Ah-the thieving buggers ruined my Wednesday night zen! My class were more upset than me when I arrived in school on Thursday…!