Thursday, April 29, 2010

We need to talk about...books!

I am in a book club. I am not sure how I managed to get into this elite book club, because that is exactly what it is, elite. We have 6 regular members, myself being counted and more than a couple are Literature majors (since I haven’t been educated in America, I can consider myself in the minor league!) and some even have Literature degrees. Yet, I have managed to give people the false belief that my input in discussions on Austin ,McEwan, Roy and so on, are valid.

I have not yet admitted to the group that my English Literature teacher once told my class that I was dyslexic (which I am not…ro os I evileb!!) or that my Dad still spell checks my e-mails (NOT by choice!!). Anyhow, in the club, I am! I love it…but little beads of sweat drip on my forehead when it comes to choosing the our book to discuss, we take it in turns to do so-and I feel it always reflects on our readership and belonging in the group! I luckily managed to choose a ‘good’ discursive book last time round, one that, thankfully, no one had the previous desire to read (!!!) and the book, We Need To Talk About Kevin, led to the usual heated discussions over wine and cheese.

The bar, however, has been raised and we have to try to choose a book that nobody has read before, including ourselves. Since the top 100 books often include the likes of Jodi Picoult and Bill Bryson as well as other well know artists with great penmanship and spelling; Katie Price, David Beckham etc etc (!!!!), I am stuck! My suggestions of books I would love to read usually belong to an A-level book reading list (or in worst case scenarios Alison, as toilet paper), so please… help me..!!!????

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