Sunday, March 21, 2010

Home is where...your stuff is!

I have spent the last week 'playing grown-ups' (as my friend Erin rightly put it)..I am house sitting. This isn't really a house, but a home -a family home; one mum, 2 children, 2 dogs, 1 cat and 3 chickens (well-make that died in my care!!), oh and I forgot -the live in staff!

Those of you who have lived out of a suitcase..or in my case, 8 boxes...for a year or 5 , know how annoying it is wanting to cook or bake something and not having all the things you need, just putting up with things as it's not 'home' -well not this week-pantry full and all the utensils I need, a piano I can run my fingers along for a tune or two, an amazing bed..I could go on, but you get the idea! I have had a great week-feel more awake when I am school, come home to pets that want my attention and love, go for a run and baths are ran by the staff ( that might not happen in every home!)

Ok, so we know the truth in the cliche-home is where the heart is...I used to get questioned intensively by my History teacher, Mr.Steve - a patriotic Scottish-rugby player type, "why did I feel like I was Scottish?Why did I feel my home was is Scotland?"... He wasn't trying to accuse me of forging my Nationality, he just wanted to make me think about what makes me me. Funny- I feel Scottish, my parents spent many tipsy nights trying to teach me 'Scots' (they failed!)and home is always Lucerne. Our family home, not especially Cove, or Helensburgh, but definately Lucerne.
I love my little flat in Kampala, I have learnt from Kuwait to quickly make it comfortable with a lick of paint and some home-made hangings and stencils...but it is not a home!

What am I trying to say..maybe I am ready to collect antique furntiure, put magnets on my fridge, buy a decent mattress and read Martha Stewart magazines!!Oh dear, maybe it's not that I am ready for a home...maybe I am just getting old..or does that go hand-in-hand!!

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