Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Three beautiful things from my day:

  • Our team dressed up in pink for the netball tournament in aid of Breast Cancer awareness; lipstick, socks, tutus and a pink Afro. Our efforts were awarded with cheers...and a wooden spoon!
  • "Do you want to do brunch, or just sit by the pool with cocktails?" My friend and I have booked flights to Bahrain for the weekend! It won't be the same now that Jane and Sven have left and the running gang aren't together-but it will be fun and reckless all the same!
  • "Your phone call really cheered up Dad," messaged Mum. My dad has shingles. He is NEVER sick. I knew he wasn't well when he offered to pay for half the fare if I flew home to Scotland (from Kuwait) for the weekend!! Ha! (Love you!)

Monday, October 28, 2013


Three beautiful things from my day:

  • Baby Ella has entered the world! I received two photographs today and she is beautiful (and apparently very well mannered!)- can't stop thinking about her and her Mummy in Canada. 
  • The weather was fresh after an early morning shower...the first rain for a LONG time. Not enough to cause havoc in the sandpit, just enough to break the humidity and clear the air. Fingers crossed for blue skies this long weekend.
  • "I'm at the Ugandan border." This message from the African Adventurer brings back good memories and I am flooded with ideas of how and when I can visit Ug next year.
It's the little things. I hope you had a nice day too!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Memories of a mini-break

I'm back in the sandpit.

The Dreamliner, with its fancy gadgets and wireless Internet, got me back safely.

I wrote a little while I was away. After I hugged my friends goodbye and had time in the city by myself, I jotted down lines as I sat outside, drinking beer and people watching.

But now that I am back in Kuwait, reestablishing my routine, the words I scribbled down all seem trivial and rather pompous. (Having been reminded that actually, a person or two read my random thoughts and misadventures, and sometimes my drivel needs to be edited before it reaches the computer screen.) The words on that notepad don't matter anyway, they aren't the things I remember from my mini break in Munich (the beer has a lot to do with that), but the memories of good times with great friends are what last and what I will treasure. Them cheering me on during my race. Handing me a pretzel and a beer after I crossed the finish line. Us listening to Daft Punk recreated on a double bass and violin by Marienplatz and having a wee dance on the cobbled streets.

The three of us could have been anywhere at times. It didn't matter. Especially since we spoke a mixture of French and Spanish to the waitresses (when we weren't joking with them in English), forgetting where we were when we opened our mouths and not translating thoughts in time.
Munich just happened to be the backdrop of our weekend, beautiful as it was, it was more about the friends I was with.

It made me think about another trip to Europe sooner rather than later...

PS-The first photo is about 15km into the run. Look how excited I am to see my buddies! I think I cheered more than them! Scary!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Munich half marathon

Yesterday I ran the Munich half marathon. It was a 2pm start, which I was not expecting and I had to think more about what I could do in the morning and what I should eat, but at least it gave the city more time to warm up...the sun even came out!

It was my 10th half marathon and one of the most enjoyable and picturesque routes I've ran. It also made a huge different having two of my favourite people cheering me along the route. They got to 4 different spots and gave me such a boost. I worked hard but enjoyed the run and my recovery has been very quick, which always makes me wonder if I pushed myself enough..? Nonetheless those beers afterwards went down very easily! (I was in bed by 9pm..!)
Today I'm eating and drinking my way round the city.

Munich half: 2h15min

Monday, October 7, 2013


Three beautiful things from today

  • I was on playground duty this morning and it was cool and windy. There really are only two seasons in Kuwait; Summer and Winter, this transition period is short, but it is so heavenly.
  • I've opened my small wheelie case and started to fill it with warm clothes for Munich. I texted my friends 'See you soon!x'
  • This song